Mission & Purpose


Our Mission

The mission of Converse Church of Christ is to help people become Christ centered in their daily lives.

Our Purpose

Converse Church of Christ is committed to giving  people opportunities to Grow, Connect, Serve, and Share their faith with the world around them.

What  is  your  Critical  Path  at  C3?

What does it look like to be a fully integrated follower of Jesus here at C3? How do you go from being a new attendee to being a part of the C3 body of Christ? We want to introduce you to our Critical Path.


Do you want to grow in Christ here at C3? Let's get together.


What does connecting look like as a part of the C3 body? We have a group for you.


So you want to serve the Kingdom of God through a ministry here at C3? We have a booklet with just the right information for you.


How do we share the Lord with others outside the walls of C3? After all, Jesus is just too good to keep to yourself.

Take  your  next  step

Now that you know what it means to walk down the critical path of purpose that God has outlined for our church - Grow, Connect, Serve, and Share - how do you get started?


C3Kids Critical Path

Do our kids have a Critical Path too? Ashley Otto, our C3Kids Director, gives us a glimpse of how our kiddos walk the C3 Critical Path.

C3Students Critical Path

What about our junior high and high school students? Do they have a Critical Path? Jerod Glasford, our C3Students Minister, shows us the Critical Path for our students.

We  have  resources  for you

How could we show you the Critical Path to being a fully integrated follower of Christ here at C3...and then NOT provide you with the resources you need to get off to a good start? We're here to empower and equip you.

The C3 Ministry Toolbox

This guide is designed to point you toward serving here at C3. Which of the many C3 ministries interests you most? Maybe it's one in particular that grabs your interest...maybe it's a few! Either way, this guide will give you the tools to serve.

John Clark's Discipleship Plan

Has God been laying someone on your heart to disciple? Maybe you could use some ideas on how to start doing that? This discipleship plan created by our Senior Minister Emeritus John Clark is sure to help you disciple others in a practical way.

Connect with us.

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